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Benefits to Meditation

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

The benefits of Meditation are endless, I could go on and on! I feel grateful for the space to explore such a practice and incorporate the routine daily. It takes dedication and of course my mind still wanders, there is no perfect practice. But giving your body and mind a chance to calm down and get back in touch with each other results in a lighter headspace. Resulting in clarity, better focus, reduced anger, improved memory. I told you I could go on and on….

But my top 5 favorite meditation benefits are below if you are looking for guidance into meditation and to understand the why behind the practice.

Another post to come soon around tips for meditation beginners. In the meantime, check out my Tik Tok on how I set up my meditation space. It’s fun creating a sacred or personal space to recenter and get calm.

My 5 favorite Meditation Benefits

1. Finding a daily practice or routine for yourself – As busy individuals or those with families, we wake up and have plenty of responsibilities that involve collaborating, working with or for other people. But what about time to unwind, re-center and get quiet with ourselves? Creating a consistent routine prioritizes our personal well-being so we can show up for others as our best self. Routines help you make room for what is important (you) and better stress levels that result in less anxiety and better mental health.

2. Mindfulness, stillness (time to slow down, reflect) Have you ever tried brushing your teeth with you non dominant hand? Or taking a walk and pointing out the various colors, shapes, or smells you identify? True mindfulness is hard to achieve in city life or today’s society where the norm is to “go go go”. Mindfulness is being present in the current experience. It is being aware of what you are feeling, sensing, seeing. Mindfulness requires you to slow down, take time to reflect and be present. Mindfulness uses breath-work as a practice to calm the mind and body, therefore meditation and mindfulness go hand-in-hand.

3. Self-love and acceptance Meditation forces you to reflect on various topics, and self-love and acceptance is at the core of a peaceful mind and therefore weaved into many meditation topics and mantras. Devoting time to calming the mind and body is an act of self-love in itself. Many meditations focus on self-acceptance, being aware and at peace with our strengths and weaknesses. Finding self-understanding by recognizing our own abilities and limitations, without judgement. Meditation is a wonderful way to explore self-love, acceptance and even acceptance for others.

4. Kick bad habits and pick up good habits Meditation allows you to reflect on your behaviors and habits, resulting in individuals feeling more in charge of their lives and more empowered to make behavioral changes (swapping bad habits for good habits). Small adjustments lead to big change over time. Calming the mind and connecting with your inner self will allow you to put in the work needed to live the life you desire.

5. Manifest manifest manifest Where you give attention, power follows. Be intentional and mindful of where you give your energy. What you focus on, you will create more of. This is power you can create yourself.

So you may be asking yourself, how can I practice Meditation and make it meaningful?

For those who may feel meditation can be daunting to those who don't have time to "sit still" or those who don't see immediate benefits, I like to remind others when meditating the goal is not to be completely void of thought (I mean...that's impossible right? Our brain is one of the strongest organs, therefore, it definitely won't just be quiet). But with practice, you will learn to allow those thoughts to pass by/float by without giving them attention that may bring distress.

Start with some guided meditations, my favorite 3 apps are below:

Unplug Meditation


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