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Road Trip & Hiking Tips - Sedona, Arizona

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

If you have heard anything about Sedona, people will tell you all about the gorgeous scenery and rock formations. They will also tell you how magical the energy is. Sedona is known to be a place filled with “Energy Vortexes”, essentially centers of energy beneficial for healing, meditation and self-exploration. You don’t have to be particularly spiritual to check this out for yourself, but many people feel energized and lighter. This may feel ‘woo woo’ to some, but what a special place activating all 5 senses. To learn more about energy vortexes, visit

All Trails App:

*Highly suggest downloading the app ALL Trails prior to the trip and downloading the trails, reviewing each hike beforehand to get a feel of where you are going. There will be signs and trails marked when you get to the trailheads, but it’s easy to go off the beaten track since there are multiple ways to get to each hike’s final destination.

Car Pro Tips:

Snack bag with cooler inside and of course lots of snacks (bring some healthy choices for sustaining energy so you don’t get a sugar crash while hiking). Post to come soon on favorite snacks/product

  • Mini Foam Roller: amazing for the long drive, can position in targeted places on your body and back against the back of your seat (drive safely or reserve for passenger!). Great for rolling on arms, calves and feet in between hikes as well. This is sold out on but similar version here, not as mini but still great for travel

  • Resistance Bands: Great for tight hips, position them just above your knees and push legs outwards for hip mobility while sitting passenger. My favorite are made by Bala as they come in 5 varying strengths so you can use what feels best for your body at the time needed.

  • Food/Snacks: Due to Covid, we ate picked up local food at Whole Foods Market which was convenient and cooked mainly in our air b n b. There are a few restaurants with some nice views of the Sedona rocks as well so depending what time of year you travel, dining out options are great too. Bring lots of snacks and easy to make at home options /on the go options before heading out on the trails (oatmeal, power bars, nut mix, dark chocolate)

  • Town/Explore Spirituality: There are some quirky stores in town and some spiritual ones that are special if you are looking to bring back any crystals or energy healing stones. There are also places to take aura photos, places to dine, bars and stores.

  • Shoes: Most trails start out relatively flat but quickly turns into a steep climb on red Sedona sandstone. Make sure to wear sturdy shoes and ones that are easy to throw in the wash – we saw a lot of hikers struggling to climb in flip flops and flimsy shoes!

Hiking Guide

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You will arrive excited and ready to explore the gorgeous red rocks, but where to start? Below is a recap of the best hikes, scenic views and must-see locations while in Sedona, Arizona.

Day 1:

Our first hike was Soliders Pass, a perfect moderate/easy hike to begin the trip with. This trail is one of the more popular ones, as it offers scenic views the entire time. There is also a unique trail that takes you to a secret cave that is a deep crack in the cliff. Fun to explore, climb the various levels and of course take gorgeous photos.

Hike Parking Tips: I recommend doing all hikes early to beat the crowds and heat. There are only 14 parking spots in the lot, so when you drive in look carefully or you can continue ½ mile down from the trailhead (as parking is not allowed in the neighborhood trailhead). This trail also includes other trails such as the 7 ponds and Devils Kitchen Sink hole.

Devils Kitchen Sink Hole: Sinkholes created by water eroding the rocks over time eventually creating a sinkhole. Awesome view!

7 Sacred pools: Natural water in 7 various craters. Known to be a gathering place for the indigenous people. Water may or may not be present when visiting, again depending seasonality and weather.

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The Cave:

Shortly after passing the Seven Sacred Pools be on the lookout for the turnoff for “the cave”. This is an awesome cave and adventure to get to. If you plug in these coordinates, you will be led to the exact spot you need to turn off the trail (follow the foot traffic in the dirt path and soon you will see the arches of the cave) source: ps://

Day 2:

Devils Bridge: Incredible views and photo-opp at the end! Conquer your fear of heights and walk across the bridge!

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Day 3:

Birthing Cave: Beautiful hike to a cave indented within the rock. Beautiful view of the scenic views in front of you. Recommend going early to beat the crowds as space is limited. There are unique holes/rails in the cave you can sit on to enjoy the view.

Cathedral Rock for sunset:

To wind down the evening, we concluded with hike up to a beautiful sunset at Cathedral Rock. Don’t be afraid of the incline at the end, its short and quick. But will require using all fours, hands and feet to help get yourself up and down. Don’t let this discourage you, everyone can do it and there are natural foot holes to help you get up! The view at the top is so worth it. You overlook endless rock formations and ones that historically used to be Volcanic.

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Relaxation Spot

Found an amazing meditation and waterfall spot. So serene, the world was quiet for just a little! Soaking in all the nature sounds we took a rest, mediated, and enjoyed the sacred feeling of being in the fresh air.

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