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Ways to detox your mind during a Pandemic

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

Journaling: Writing out your thoughts is like venting to a friend with amazing listening skills. No interruptions, no judgements. Just an opportunity to dump out all your feelings and emotions onto the page and out of your head. Literally a brain detox. Other than brain-dumping, you can grab any notebook or journal to write in. Doesn’t matter what you use, just stay consistent and create a routine out of it. My favorite notebooks are definitely, they come in various sizes with cute and inspiration covers. Major throwback to my high school days.

Here is a look at my favorite journal set-up. I do this in the morning to set my day on the right note, and then journal dump in the evening to get anything from the day out of my head. These are tips gathered from experts in the space and compiled into this cute one sheeter, inspired by Lauryn Bosstick and the Ivy Lee Method (separate post on this method to come!).

Basically, you list out your podcast, book, workout & music for the day. It’s a nice one sheeter to guide the day.

♡ Write the date at the top

♡ List out your podcast, book, workout & music for the day. For example, one day mine looked like this:


♡ Then write down 3 things you’re grateful for, make them specific!

♡ Then there’s a ‘must get done’ list. These are non-negotiables that need to happen that day.

♡ Write down how you want to feel. Such as calm, motivated, inspired.

♡ Next, write down 3 people you’re sending thoughts & happiness to.

♡ Lastly, the Ivy Lee Method. This is your to-do list. Write down 6 things in order of importance. Whatever doesn’t get done is moved to my to-do list the following the day.

I love this method because it’s like time blocking (my other new favorite productivity hack). It allows you to focus on one thing at a time in order of priority. It also takes the thinking out of starting, so you know exactly what to do and prioritize to begin the day. They recommend doing this method in the evening, so the thinking is done for you when you wake and are ready to begin the day. But some people like doing this routine when they wake, depends what you prefer!

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Meditation: What a special practice that takes time and mental dedication but provides so many benefits (post on meditation benefits to come soon). Meditation allows for stillness, acceptance of yourself/being alone with yourself, self-love, true reflection, and the ability to control your thoughts and emotions more effectively and calmly. I recommend using meditation apps with guided meditations of all lengths and topics. Start with a 5-minute meditation and continue to work your way up to longer lengths once comfortable. It’s totally normal for your mind to wander, just come back to your breath and give yourself permission to relax.

Top Apps I love:

· Calm

· Unplug

· Headspace

· Peloton Meditation Series

· Chopra

I also use and highly suggest buying this 365 daily mindfulness meditation book by Ben Decker to ease my way into Meditation, and I am addicted! It’s curated for each day of the year, something new and tailored to each new day. All it takes is 5 minutes and is filled with quotes, affirmations to transform perspective, calm the mind and embrace all possibilities of life. It’s also my favorite book to gift currently!

Sound healing: This is a new and ancient healing modality that incorporates sound frequencies to create healing vibrations around the body to go into a deeper meditative state. Sound healing is known to heal the mind and activate cells on a cellular and emotional level. Additional benefits include promoting deep relaxation, releasing emotional trauma and relieve stress and anxiety. Time to heal and re-tune from within! And of course, they come in beautiful bowls (bowls made of pure crystal quarts or alchemy bowls which are mixed with various crystals, precious gemstones, minerals and precious metals. Not only beautiful to listen to but so beautiful.

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