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Life With Motion Scholarship

The LWM Wellness Scholarship is designed to make wellness more accessible to those who are facing financial barriers. The intent of this scholarship is to help make support and healing more accessible to all, regardless of finances.

Please see program and application details below

1:1 Health Coaching

Two personalized holistic coaching sessions that looks at the various areas of one’s life that are connected (career, relationships, spirituality, nutrition etc.) to identify which areas may be out of balance. Work with Lauren to create sustainable lifestyle change, reduce stress and live a healthy and happy life

1:1 Sound Meditation

One curated Sound Bath Meditation. Drop into a deeper state of relaxation with vibrational healing of a Sound Bath and guided meditation. Lauren will play Crystal Sound Bowls to create frequencies for enhanced healing meditations.

Apply Now

To apply for the LWM Wellness Scholarship, please hit "Submit Application" and answer the following question:


Why are you interested in this wellness program and how would you benefit? Feel free to share any other reasons on why you should be selected?

*LWM Scholarship is offered 2 times a year!

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